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Certified Financial Planner

     I bring over 36 years of industry experience with me to every meeting.  I have seen bull markets, bear markets and every type of condition in between.  What I have learned from this is that the financial markets are totally unpredictable and with some proper planning and diligent execution, life goals can be successfully attained.  My clients have worked very hard to accumulate their wealth and it is our responsibility to help preserve that wealth so that they can accomplish all of their life goals and dreams.

     Throughout my career, I have continuously practiced the art of “Life Long Learning” in the areas of industry trends, market conditions and tax and legal issues, with the single minded focus of being able to bring the most innovative solutions to each client’s strategic wealth plan. My practice has evolved over the years from initially providing simple investment management solutions to the more comprehensive Strategic Wealth Management approach that I now employ today.  

     Strategic Wealth Management is a methodology which looks at all issues surrounding a client’s retirement:  lifestyle planning, wealth accumulation, wealth preservation, income generation, tax and estate issues as well as legacy and charitable giving.  All of these issues are inter-related and they cannot be looked at in isolation.  I will work with other trusted advisors to ensure a proper integration of these key elements into your overall strategic wealth plan.


         Honors B.A., History and Political Science, Glendon College, York University

         M.A. International Relations, University of Ottawa


         Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Investment Manager

         Elder Planning Consultant, Fellow Canadian Securities Institute

         Chartered Strategic Wealth Professional,

         Registered Retirement Consultant    Responsible Investing Specialtist     


     Daniel enjoys the outdoors, skiing, cycling, traveling, reading and spending time with his family.  He shares his passion for military history and technology as a volunteer guide at Ottawa’s Canadian War Museum.


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