Praxis Wealth Mindset

    I have, over my 36 year career, helped foster this Praxis Wealth Mindset with my clients.  These principles form part of our core belief system.  They guide me as I plan out solutions for my clients and make recommendations that are appropriate for their situation.  Here is the list of these guiding principles and action steps that are the foundation for the Praxis Wealth Mindset:

                       Spend less than you earn – don’t become a slave to consumer credit

                       Invest regularly and systematically

                       Be or become debt free ASAP – except for the purchase of assets that will

                                                                    contribute to your overall financial success

                       Take intelligent risks – study your options and ask questions

                       Don’t follow the crowd – be a contrarian thinker

                       Constantly learn and be open to new ideas

                       Don’t let your emotions cloud your judgment

                       Surround yourself with other successful people

                       Give freely to others and the community

                       Have an attitude of gratitude

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