What We Do

Strategic Wealth Planning

     As a Strategic Wealth Planner, I believe that my clients must first have clearly identified life goals, objectives and timelines before a proper financial plan can be created for them.  This Strategic Wealth Planning process is designed to facilitate this task and it has these six steps: 

1. Discovery 2. Analysis 3. Formulation 4. Confirmation 5. Implementation 6. Monitoring and Review

     The successful achievement of your life goals and dreams will be contingent upon the thorough integration of the following areas: Retirement Planning, Tax Planning, Investment Planning, Education Planning, Cash Flow Planning, Estate Planning and Risk Management/insurance Planning.  From this information, a detailed life plan will be created for you, one that will let you live the life that you designed.

Strategic Asset Management

     Whether you are in the capital accumulation, income generation or capital transfer (legacy planning) phase of your life, your wealth will be managed without compromise.  Each one of these phases has its unique challenges and I will take into account the goals, objectives and timelines uncovered in the discovery phase of the Strategic Wealth Planning process. 

     All of my clients' assets are managed based on the investment management philosophy which has capital preservation, risk mitigation and tax optimization serving as the cornerstones. The investment managers I work with are not market timers therefore “time in the market” will be required to fully benefit from this unique and disciplined investment process. 


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