Charitable Giving

     Philanthropy and charitable giving are becoming an ever increasingly important activity for Canadians.  Recent changes to Federal Tax rules have made it even more appealing for Canadians to consider charitable giving as a viable activity to pursue.  Notwithstanding this attractive tax planning aspect, charitable giving has a more enduring purpose.  Canadians are now turning to strategic giving programs as a way of sharing their wealth in support of their community or for their favourite charities.  These programs let them perpetuate their legacy to the benefit of the people and causes that matter to them and build a lasting legacy long after they are gone.

     We will assist our clients in establishing a Donor-Advised giving program.  Unlike private foundations, the set up fees are substantially lower and the administrative responsibilities are negligible.  Donor-advised giving programs are simple and effective vehicles to help our clients support their favourite causes now, and well into the future.


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